Essay & Research Proposal Writing

Essay & Research Proposal Writing

A research proposal is meant to show others that you have a worthwhile research project and that you have that it takes to complete it within the proposed timeframe. A pro essay writer will help you in this. This is a very important academic document as it contains the key elements involved in the research process. This means that one should be able to judge whether your research project will be viable by reading your proposal. In most learning institutions, students are expected to write research proposals before they can be allowed to proceed with the proposed research. It is therefore very important to learn how to write an acceptable research proposal.

Generally, research proposals in all academic fields tend to answer three crucial questions, that is, what you want to study, why you want to study it and how you plan to go about it. If you can satisfactorily answer these three questions, then your proposal is quite okay and you can now go ahead and carry out research.  Writing skills are quite important when writing a research proposal as the quality of your proposal gives a good idea of what to expect from your research project.

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Briefly, a good essay and research proposal should have the following key elements: a title, an abstract, introduction, literature review, Methodology, and references. The title comes from different research ideas, from available literature, theories, real life problems and such like sources of research problems. Notably, the title should be short, clear and concise.

An abstract is quite an important part of a proposal. This is basically a short summary of the research proposal. The abstract is normally one page and has a word limit. This means that this section provides you with an avenue to tell your reader what your proposal is all about using as few words as possible.

The introduction is normally the first chapter in your research proposal. This chapter provides the background as well as contact of your research problem. This is the chapter where you are expected to state the research problem, provide the context of the problem, justify your study and also you should state the research hypothesis or research questions as the case may be.

The literature review is the second chapter of a research proposal. Here you are expected to demonstrate that you have read around your area of study. This chapter is followed by methodology chapter where the researcher explains the methods that he/she will use in collecting and analyzing the relevant data. Finally you are expected to write a list of references of your sources of information.