A thesis refers to a statement, proposition or rather a theory that is put as a premise so as to be proved or for consideration. It can also be described as an essay that contains personal research written by a student for college degree. A thesis statement can therefore be said to be to be a sentence that captures the main idea in an argument. Your thesis statement displays your ideas in one/two sentences and should therefore present your paper’s topic giving your comments concerning your position on that topic. Aim of the thesis statement is to brief the reader on what is contained in the paper and act as a writing guide assisting in keeping a focused argument. Assignment help becomes necessary to aid you in this.

A thesis statement should be placed in the introductory part of an essay and in cases of longer essays, be written in the second paragraph after the topic’s introductory statement as this assists in providing direction to the reader. Tips on writing an excellent thesis statement are as:

Avoid mentioning the thesis statement in the middle of the paragraph or later in the paper. The thesis statement should be clearly visible to the reader thus is should be mentioned in a paragraphs introductory statement.

Be specific in your statement and avoid use of vague and inappropriate words.

Guidelines on building a strong thesis statement.

Structure a question such as a problem statement and the answer will be your thesis. This makes it easier especially in cases where the subject is complicated since any thesis can be made by answering a question.

Construct your thesis according to the paper i.e. the goals of the paper you are writing should help in finding a good thesis. Your thesis can either be:

  • assignmentArgumentative-Gives back up to your opinion or claims something so as to give people a change of mind.
  • Analytical –Breaks down a statement so as to examine and facilitate better understanding.
  • Expository –Illuminates or teaches a certain point

Try to make sure your thesis is powerful this is done by addressing one issue and expounding widely on it so as to make sure that your points will get full support in the paper’s body.

Make your assignment argument unique. It should be nothing people have seen before, find an exciting approach to the topic this will make your essay dynamic.

Be aware that once you get your thesis, it acts as the end point of the research and not the beginning thus it should be provable i.e. the thesis should be one that can be backed up by evidence.