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Online Class Tips: The Effects of Plagiarism on the Students

Online Class Tips: The Effects of Plagiarism on the Students

Plagiarism can be explained as the presentation of some else’s words or words as your own. It is usually detected when the original sources of the information are not well referenced. It is the worst mistake in the world of the academic and the professional one. The effects of plagiarism can haunt the life of the students completely. Most of the students lack the paraphrasing skills and therefore they are unable to come up with the original content.  It is suitable for such students to look for online class aid from a company that deliver 100% plagiarism free content. There is no need for you to risk your course whereas there are online writers who are designed to provide plagiarism free content work. The effects of plagiarism can be personal, professional, legal as well as ethical. The moment the plagiarism detection software is used, it detects all the plagiarized areas more easily. The effects of plagiarism include:

  • Ruined student’s reputation. The moment the student is detected with any cases of plagiarism, he or she can either be suspended or expelled from school. It can destroy the academic records of the students. This is an indication plagiarism can deter one d from entering college from high school or another college. Either at the high school, college or the university level takes the plagiarism cases seriously.
  • onlineIt destroys the student’s reputation. The professionals such as the politicians and business people among others can face severe threats of plagiarism to you career. They are not only fired from their current position but also it becomes hard for them to acquire any respectable job anywhere. The professionals that present the public figure should not plagiarize the stature. This can ruin his of =r her name and at the same time making the career less meaningful.
  • It destroys the academic reputation. Plagiarism is the worst enemy in the world of academic. Once you are detected with the plagiarism allegations, the academic career can be ruined completely. One of the most prestigious parts in the academic career is publishing. To lose the ability to publish most likely means the end of an academic position and a destroyed reputation.
  • Plagiarized research. This is an egregious system of plagiarism that most of the students commit. For instance, if the research is on medication, the impact of plagiarism can lead to the loss of the peoples’ lives. There are no allegations or excuses that should be explained to the plagiarism committee on any issues about plagiarism.



A thesis refers to a statement, proposition or rather a theory that is put as a premise so as to be proved or for consideration. It can also be described as an essay that contains personal research written by a student for college degree. A thesis statement can therefore be said to be to be a sentence that captures the main idea in an argument. Your thesis statement displays your ideas in one/two sentences and should therefore present your paper’s topic giving your comments concerning your position on that topic. Aim of the thesis statement is to brief the reader on what is contained in the paper and act as a writing guide assisting in keeping a focused argument. Assignment help becomes necessary to aid you in this.

A thesis statement should be placed in the introductory part of an essay and in cases of longer essays, be written in the second paragraph after the topic’s introductory statement as this assists in providing direction to the reader. Tips on writing an excellent thesis statement are as:

Avoid mentioning the thesis statement in the middle of the paragraph or later in the paper. The thesis statement should be clearly visible to the reader thus is should be mentioned in a paragraphs introductory statement.

Be specific in your statement and avoid use of vague and inappropriate words.

Guidelines on building a strong thesis statement.

Structure a question such as a problem statement and the answer will be your thesis. This makes it easier especially in cases where the subject is complicated since any thesis can be made by answering a question.

Construct your thesis according to the paper i.e. the goals of the paper you are writing should help in finding a good thesis. Your thesis can either be:

  • assignmentArgumentative-Gives back up to your opinion or claims something so as to give people a change of mind.
  • Analytical –Breaks down a statement so as to examine and facilitate better understanding.
  • Expository –Illuminates or teaches a certain point

Try to make sure your thesis is powerful this is done by addressing one issue and expounding widely on it so as to make sure that your points will get full support in the paper’s body.

Make your assignment argument unique. It should be nothing people have seen before, find an exciting approach to the topic this will make your essay dynamic.

Be aware that once you get your thesis, it acts as the end point of the research and not the beginning thus it should be provable i.e. the thesis should be one that can be backed up by evidence.

Essay & Research Proposal Writing

Essay & Research Proposal Writing

A research proposal is meant to show others that you have a worthwhile research project and that you have that it takes to complete it within the proposed timeframe. A pro essay writer will help you in this. This is a very important academic document as it contains the key elements involved in the research process. This means that one should be able to judge whether your research project will be viable by reading your proposal. In most learning institutions, students are expected to write research proposals before they can be allowed to proceed with the proposed research. It is therefore very important to learn how to write an acceptable research proposal.

Generally, research proposals in all academic fields tend to answer three crucial questions, that is, what you want to study, why you want to study it and how you plan to go about it. If you can satisfactorily answer these three questions, then your proposal is quite okay and you can now go ahead and carry out research.  Writing skills are quite important when writing a research proposal as the quality of your proposal gives a good idea of what to expect from your research project.

pro essay writer
The word writer in print letter cases

Briefly, a good essay and research proposal should have the following key elements: a title, an abstract, introduction, literature review, Methodology, and references. The title comes from different research ideas, from available literature, theories, real life problems and such like sources of research problems. Notably, the title should be short, clear and concise.

An abstract is quite an important part of a proposal. This is basically a short summary of the research proposal. The abstract is normally one page and has a word limit. This means that this section provides you with an avenue to tell your reader what your proposal is all about using as few words as possible.

The introduction is normally the first chapter in your research proposal. This chapter provides the background as well as contact of your research problem. This is the chapter where you are expected to state the research problem, provide the context of the problem, justify your study and also you should state the research hypothesis or research questions as the case may be.

The literature review is the second chapter of a research proposal. Here you are expected to demonstrate that you have read around your area of study. This chapter is followed by methodology chapter where the researcher explains the methods that he/she will use in collecting and analyzing the relevant data. Finally you are expected to write a list of references of your sources of information.

Help With Statistics Research Paper

Writing a research paper is an exciting moment for many students since they are given an opportunity to research on their favorite topics. Unfortunately, this excitement only last for a short period of time because the students will soon discover that researching writing is a challenging task that not only requires excellent writing skills but also a lot of time to research, collect data, analyze it, and draw conclusions from the findings of their research and also at times need math homework help.  Due to the pressure of performing well and limitations such as time and resources a lot of students who are assigned the task of writing a statistics research paper are usually unable to write excellent research papers that will meet the requirements of the examination board. However, these students should not be worried since they can be able to access help with writing their statistics research papers from a number of sources as discussed below:

  1. Project supervisors

Every final year student writing a research project is usually assigned a project supervisor who helps them to write quality research papers. They help the students to conceptualize their research paper idea and develop it through the writing of a technical paper. Additionally, they help students use the appropriate writing, formatting, citing, and referencing styles. Therefore, students who are writing their statistics research papers should consult their project supervisors regularly so as to ascertain that they are moving in the right direction and ask for guidance whenever they are experiencing challenges while writing their research papers.

  1. Online Research Writing Companies

introstatslogocroppedTruly speaking research writing process has been made easier than before. This is due to the fact that they are many online writing companies which are offering professional research and writing services to students. Their main aim is to complement student’s research writing process and to help them learn how to write quality subsequent research papers on their own. These companies have employed teams of ardent writers and editors who are not only native English speakers but they are also drawn from the best universities. Since these writers have written several statistics research papers they have gained experience and they know what makes a research paper to be excellent. Moreover, they have mastered different computer software such as SPSS and STATA that they use to analyze statistical data of the research paper. Homework services are easily accessible to students who are struggling with writing any chapter of their research papers and they are only required to submit requests such as “help me write my statistical research paper” to writers either via a chat, an email, or a phone call.

Best Book Report and Essay Writing Service

Best Book Report and Essay Writing Service

A book review mainly involves the gratitude or evaluation of a book. Most of the students who normally deal with the art subjects at the college level write a book review usually in each semester. The qualities of an effective book review include; it should be comprehensive, clear as well as interesting to the reader. Moreover, a book review should have the required content for the reader to understand the content of the book. It requires a lot time for the students since they have to read the whole book for them to be able to come up with a review about it. For one to write a book review, is supposed to go through each and every chapter and understand the flow. Mostly the students lack enough time to read and comprehend the whole book and later write a good review on it. We have professionals who have ranked as among the best book report and best essay writers. This is a critical assignment to the students as most of them are usually not prepared to undertake the task. The students are required to have deep criticism as we as literally evaluation. This is a clear indication that the students are required to work hard for them to scope high marks.

essay-writerMost of the students wonder how they can overcome this great task of writing a book review. We are there to ease this load for you by rendering quality book report writing help.Enjoy our custom book report writing services from our company at any given time. We always meet tight deadlines without any problem encountered. If you need your work at any given time, we cannot fail you at all since we start your work from the scratch. Once you seek out for our services, you are assured of scoring high marks in your work. This is because we give you the opportunity to select your writer and always remain in touch with him or her. Our book review services are the best among all the online writing companies. If you are among the students who encounter difficulties on writing a book review and thus failing to deliver your work on time, we are always available to help you.

What you are required to do is to buy the book reviews from our company now. Our book review writing tutors will help you to select the best topic, choose the most suitable title and the correct referencing for you in the most convenient way. Our essay services are convenient as all the clients are able to communicate with the writers at any given time. Thus, it is easy for the our tutors to follow all the instructions that are outlined by the students. Seek for our professional book report writing services for a quality paper.

Online accounting tutors

Online accounting tutors

whenever students experience challenges in accounting, the best place to find a tutor is an online service where tutors are readily available. This tutors offer their services at a fee which is usually negotiable. Many services understand the financial constraints faced by most students and therefore their fee is usually friendly to students. Whenever a student seeks online accounting help , he/she is assigned a tutor whose responsibility is to help the student overcome his/her accounting challenges. Such a tutor is able to guide the student on how to tackle different question as well as what is expected from him/her by the examiner.

Who are these online accounting tutors

These online accounting tutors are professional accountants. They are therefore well verse with knowledge and experience in the accounting field. Such experience and knowledge allows them to be in a good position to train potential accountants. Most of them are graduates usually holders of bachelors, masters or even PhD degrees. However, not all online accounting help services employ qualified professionals. Some employ unqualified ones as they won’t ask for a lot of money as pay for their services. They therefore end up delivering poor quality services. It’s therefore necessary to assess the quality of service offered by a particular service before hiring. You should only hire when you are sure that the particular service will help you solve your accounting challenges. A good accounting tutor should provide a lasting solution to your challenges.

 Balance sheet

Benefits of hiring an online accounting tutor

Hiring an online accounting tutor has many advantages over the other options. It’s actually the best option. Here are some advantages:

  • High quality help

With a good online accounting tutor, one can get the best help they ever desired. This is due to the huge supply of tutor. Therefore, the tutors provide high quality services so as to be relevant and competitive in the field. One can therefore acquire help he/she would not have possibly acquired elsewhere.

  • Time management

These tutors are very keen on observing time. This will help you tackle very many areas in a short duration and have time to revise well on your own. In the case where they are offering homework help, you are able to get such help in good time therefore submitting your homework on time.

  • The fee is relatively low

Many tutors understand that students face financial challenges while in school and therefore charging them exorbitant prices will only make them consider other options. They therefore offer student-friendly charges which many students can afford.

  • Convenience

You do not need to move out of the house to get help. As far as you have a computer and a working internet connection, you are okay. You can get help any time you need it from any tutor available.

  • You are not limited to who can provide the tutoring services

Since there are many tutors available online, you can choose any at will. You are not limited to one tutor but can also have multiple tutors.



Help with economics

Many students fail to achieve their desired score in economics mainly because they  fail to seek help. Economics can be quite challenging though that should not be the case if one can acquire the necessary help. There are many people who can help you handle your economics with great ease.

Any time you find yourself struggling, you should turn to a person who has knowledge and experience in the economics field. This will not only help you pass but also pass with flying colors.

To seek help, you must first admit that you are facing challenges so that you can get the help you require. You need to identify the area causing you trouble to make it easier for the person helping you to lender the best service.

What kind of help with economics can you get?

Anyone ready to help you with economics should be in a position to help you in any area you are facing challenges. You should discuss all the areas with him/her to ensure that your desires are met.

Economics it quite wide and you might probably be experiencing challenges in only a few areas. You might also find that you are facing challenges in all area which is not very common. You do not have to worry as the economics helper should be ready to help you overcome those challenges.


The help should enable you to tackle any questions without any difficulty on your own. The helper should teach you how to face different questions no matter how deep in the topic they have been extracted.

The economics helper is not there to tackle your work such as assignments as many people may perceive. The role of this helper is to guide on how you can handle questions that may be found in your economics exam. This way, he/she is able to prepare you in a good way to ensure that you pass.

Where to seek help with economics

There are many places where you can get such help. Mainly, you should consult your course instructor as he/she knows best what is required of you. If the help you receive from the instructor is not adequate, you should seek help elsewhere.

You can even seek help from your friends who have a clear understanding of the course. This way, you’ll be in a position to discuss with them on different area challenging you.

You can also turn to a professional tutor who might request a fee for the service. The fee charged is in no way comparable to the help you might receive. You can find such tutors online through economics help forums. However, some might be quacks masquerading as professionals. You need to evaluate their qualifications so as not to end up being frustrated loosing money to quacks.

Once you find a good professional, you need to negotiate the fee, the type of help to offer and also the time he/she is accessible. You need a tutor you can access easily so as to get the help you need whenever you need it.